Schooled at the Dance Mission Theater

by Jamey Firnberg

On my trip to San Francisco I spent an afternoon in the mission district.

I got off the BART at the 16th street Mission station, and started walking south. I had 4 hours to burn. No agenda, no destination.

I stayed close to mission street most of the time but wandered down the back alleys and side streets when something caught my eye.

I ran into lots of funky shops, art galleries, front porches, street art.

I stumbled into cool little restaurant and bar called Little Baobab where I met Marco and Bongo. Marco ran the bar and Bongo, as you might have guessed, was a drummer. We shot the bull for a little while and I headed back out.

After wandering around for couple hours taking photos, I was making my way down Mission, and who do I run into? My friend Bongo. He is getting ready to drum for an African dance class at the Dance Mission Theater. He invites me up to shoot some video. We walk in together and he tells the class He’s with me. He is here to shoot video. Cool, no problem. Here’s what I got.