Rockit Surgery Services

Studio Portraits

Everyone needs a great head shot, but many people don't have one. If you are one of those who doesn't have one, you have come to the right place. That's what I do. I specialize in shooting headshots for people who need them. I also specialize in "people who hate to have their picture taken" and "people who don't take good pictures." Check out some of my portraits here. I offer a couple types of sessions. 

Four Look Headshot

A multiple look studio portrait sessions take from 30 minutes to an hour. You get four looks with either different lighting setups, backgrounds or outfits. I deliver four digital retouched images for $250. Prints are available for an additional charge.  

In and Out Headshot

An In and Out Headshot session runs about 10 to 15 minutes. The end product is a single headshot. It will be a shot you can use for your linked in profile, business card or an announcement in the newspaper. I charge $100.00 for the single look In and Out Headshot

Hair and makeup services available for an additional charge.

I have sessions availaible on the weekend so you don't have to miss work to get a head shot. My studio is at School Aids located at 9335 Interline Avenue in Baton Rouge. 

I can be reached at jamey at or at 278-1786.

It ain’t brain science. It’s Rockit Surgery. 

Here's what people say about Rockit Surgery Portraits

"Somehow your photos seem to capture people's souls, Jamey Firnberg. Amazing." – Mary Sue Ingraham

"Yowzer, Jamey. You are so damn good. That is the best photo I've ever taken and you captured Tallulah's personality totally!" -Adrienne Moore

"Rockit Surgery (Jamey Firnberg); a photographic alchemist who can turn a camera, a couple lights, and 2 minutes in to stunning portraits." - Matthew J Caprio

"I gotta get the pictures of my husband--truly the very best picture ever taken of him---I didn't put the names together!!! My Paul is the second from the top left. It’s a photo of his personality as well as his face!!!" -Kathy West

"Always amazed how you capture so much about a person in your photos! This one says so much about this guy! Amazing!!" –Cyn Bicker

"Damn, Chancelier! Don't ever change your profile picture again." -Betty Larken – Facebook profile

"You, sir, just changed your profile picture for the last time. Or, at least that's what I'd recommend. Great shot!" – Katie Ramirez on Clark Germon’s facebook profile

"The photos are so great.  I think the ones you did of me are the best images I've ever seen of myself." -Helen Connelly

"All time favorite picture of you." – Megan Dunn re Brandi Simmon’s Facebook profile

"And all joking aside, it is just a great professional wonderful photo that captures the awesome person we are all drawn to and better for knowing....."-Jill Mulkey Art re TJ Black’s facebook profile

"Jamey Firnberg you are an incredible artist as is @Rebecca Margolick." - Renee Chatelain re Rebecca Margolick’s portrait.

"Alright I've decided, if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I'm asking for a portrait- you are fantastic and I would be lucky to have you take my photo." – Aaron Hinds

"Thank you so much my Brother! I'm an ugly sommabitch , yet you managed to make me look not half bad!!!! You are a genius!" – Jeffery Perkins

"These photos are incredible. You're truly talented & I work with a LOT of photographers. Thanks again Jamey!" – Chris Brooks

"Oh, Tracy, this headshot just takes my breath away. They really did a magnificent job in capturing both your outer and inner beauty." - Lindsay re Tracy Vidrine McGuire portrait

"WOW. It has taken me a few minutes to catch my breath after seeing this. Jamey did a fantastic job capturing your spirit." - Terri re Tracy Vidrine McGuire portrait

Jamey, if I don't say it often, I want to say it now" You have a special gift for capturing the spirit of the people in your photographs. The lighting, staging, the moments your photograph - all are terrific." - Sandy Brown