Rockit Surgery Street/Event Portraits FAQ

 What will you do with the photos?

I will post selected photos on my website in a section created specifically for this event. Over time, I may add photos to other portfolios on my website, Facebook and Instagram.

What will you do with my email address?

I will contact you when photos have been posted to my galleries. You will also be added to my Rockit Surgery mailing list.

Can I share my photo?

Yes. Feel free to use your photo in any way you like. Photo credit to Jamey Firnberg and Rockit Surgery is always appreciated.

Can I share someone else’s photo?

If you are not in the photo, please don’t share photos without permission of the people who are in them. If you are in the photo, feel free to share it.

Can I print the photo?
Yes. The photos can be printed with good quality up to about an 8"x10". 

How do I download my photo from your website?

Click an image to enlarge it. Right click and “save as” to download

You took a lot of photos. What happened to the others?
I review them all and select the best one(s) to edit and post. I archive the rest.

Can I request another shoot?
Yes. If you need a headshot in the future, I would love to be considered. If you know someone who needs a shot, referrals are always welcome. For more information, visit the Services section of my website.

My objective as a portrait photographer is to capture images that make people feel good. I hope I have done that. 

You can find me at: